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Superfighters is a great fighting game to play, you can say it is an ultimate game chapter to have this game in your bucket. For those who love to play games in which the competitors fight with each other following the maps, this would be a nice catch. The only thing you need to do in this game is to survive, as it is difficult in Superfighters game to survive. You can have guns, maps, grenades and much more to add fuel to the fire.

Superfighters 2 game

Call your friend right now and start playing as two players. The real graphics, intense shooting, and gameplay will stick to play the game even the entire day. But, one thing most of the newbie made, they do not read the instruction before going to play the game. You need to watch the tutorial and get to know the inch and square of the game.

Once you would know how to play the game and how is the atmosphere of this, you would be a sole winner very soon.

There are two modes; either you play PVP mode or PVE mode. If you want to compete with other online players, you need to pick the second option. As to compete with the online player is difficult and if you are playing this very first time, you would be knocked out very soon.

In PVE mode you compete against the other controlled characters, in this, there are different levels and you need to pick accordingly your expertise.

While fighting you must be quick, alerted and ready, the game is challenging and the other players which are fighting via machine players.

How to play Super fighters

Player 1 Control

  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to jump or aim up
  • Down arrow to crouch or aim down
  • N to deal melee damage
  • M to shoot
  • To throw a grenade
  • To use a power-up

Player 2 control

  • AD to move
  • W to jump or aim up
  • S to crouch or aim down
  • 1 to deal melee damage
  • 2 to shoot
  • 3 to throw a grenade
  • 4 to use a power-up

superfighters Play Game:

Superfighters Walkthrough

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